AppLife is a mobile developer and a publisher established in 2017

AppLife Team consists of 30+ remote professionals from Cyprus, Vietnam, Italy, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia

Our apps have reached 20 million of installs and keep growing fast everyday thanks to our awesome mediabuying team

AppLife is backed and managed by Alexander Lebedev and a team of experts from gamedev industry leading corporations



AppLife is a team of people passionate about creating and publishing fun and accessible top-quality mobile games for iOS and Android.

While specializing in the casual segment, we realize that developing those kind of games is in no way simple. It takes years of expertise, thousands of hours of hard work and dozens of people with various skills from visual design and programming to marketing and community management – everything to ensure outstanding experiences for any kind of gamer.

The company maintains offices in Cyprus where research and development takes place.


Unlock your game’s potential with a trusted partner!

What we look for:

1 Mobile f2p games with in-app and ad monetization
2 Monetization opportunities implying paid user acquisition
3 Development stage:
beta test-ready

What we offer

  • External producing by the team of experienced game designers, product managers, and marketers
  • Capable UA team with vast acquisition expertise
  • Massive UA budgets
  • Search and creation of the most converting ads

Our operation

  • Publisher team game analysis
  • Metrics tracking tools integration: Facebook SDK, Appsflyer
  • Joint game testing using a developer’s account
  • Analytics correctness check and its integration
  • Publishing agreement conclusion
  • Product metrics analysis with an aim to improve upon them; further app development
  • Game transition to a publisher’s account
  • Marketing and PR support

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Our Team


We at AppLife embrace the unconventional approach to business and allow you to work however you deem efficient.
Join our team and learn the true meaning of creative freedom.

With more than 30 outstanding professionals from all over the world (Cyprus, Vietnam, Italy, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia), we tend to think outside of the box to nurture the new age working culture.
AppLife team is united by the profound love of game dev and is always keen on meeting new talents. So let’s make some awesome games together!

100% remote work

Flexible working hours

Competitive pay

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